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5 steps to finding the right market for your kids clothing store

The perfect market does not exist, is what the experts say. But while your store with kids clothing wholesaler does a good business, it is good to refine the ways you find a market for any upcoming store. The market of today is governed by more forces than ever before but the basic mix of price, product, place and promotion still holds true to a great extent. The steps to finding the right market involves careful research and cognizance of the specialty of your own store with kids clothing wholesaler.

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The 5 steps are:

Finding the right age group

In any city, the age groups of people will vary when you move from one area to the other. There will be places where you will have retired couples in greater number and then there will be also be places where you will have more newly marrieds and couples with young kinds. It is always wise to research about the place in details in terms of what population resides where, to have a better location for your store with kids clothing wholesaler Suncity.

Finding the right income group

This idea is similar to the last one except that you also think about incomes in this one. If you know your brand and pricing well, you also understand the kind of crowd that will be able to afford your products. That information can be used to help the store to be in a place where that kind of crowd is expected to turn up in more numbers.

Finding the right promotion channels

Kids’ clothing promotion is different from adult clothing promotions. It is not always the same channels like mall announcements or bill-boards that will do the track. The promotion for kids clothing stores must be done in colors and themes that will be attractive to children as well. These channels could be ads in between cartoon shows or between screenings of animated movies. Promotions through children mobile apps is also a great idea since a lot of kids have early exposure to mobile phones.

Finding the right promotion places

The places of promotion could be those where the kid and the parent would both be present. These include but are not limited to schools and playschools, amusement parks, toy stores, stationery shops etc. The places of promotion must be a place where the child and the parent can view the promotional message, undisturbed. That is why putting it in busier places like bus stops etc. might not be a good idea for your kids clothing store.

Finding the right occasion

Kids are very attached for certain special occasions like their own birthdays, Christmas, Children’s day etc. It always makes sense to target the correct occasion to strike the sentimental chord in the hearts of the kids. It is also wise to promote gifting options for parents as clothes are a good gift that they can give to their friends’ children on their special occasions.

The 5 steps to finding the right market for your kids clothing store is going to help you find the right marketing approach for your kids clothing store. It will help you have a better presence and make the most out of your store.