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7 Common Mistakes A Bridesmaid Should Avoid

If you are a girl with many girl friends, you will get the opportunity to become a bridesmaid several times. However, repeating mistakes will reduce your chances to be invited as a bridesmaid and if you love to flaunt yourself with the bride, you should avoid those common mistakes.

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First off, as a bridesmaid it’s your duty to take care of your bride and make her as much stress-free as you can. However, this single task may crowd your personal to-dos and may make you feel that this is the only task you have to do for your lifetime, while it isn’t so and shouldn’t be so.

Therefore, the next time when you will be invited to stand up beside or behind the bride, keep the following mistakes in mind that you should not make.

1.Playing a Fulltime Bridesmaid’s Role

The initial excitement of being a bridesmaid make you eager to do everything you can to help your bride and to be for her anytime. However, when you will find your personal to-dos packed with wedding tasks and get phone calls from the panicked bride at 5 a.m. on a Sunday, you will realise that your bridesmaid’s role should have limits.

Allot only specific days a week or hours a day to complete your bridesmaid’s duties and ensure you achieve a balance between your life, work and the wedding all through your bridesmaid venture.

2. Ordering Your Dress Too Late

When your bride approves your bridesmaid dress, like one of the Gold Coast bridesmaid dresses at Bridesmaids Only, for example, she needs you to purchase and wear it to her wedding; so, order it right away.

If you order too late, it will make you face a great panic the week before the wedding regarding whether your dress will arrive on time or not.

3. Not Trying the Dress

Assuming that your dress will be fine will be a great mistake and will again make you panic on the wedding day or just before it as you won’t get time to fix the flaws if there are any. You should try the dress at once and check if you need alterations or a supportive bra and even a pair of shoes with higher heels to make the dress work properly.

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4. Asking the Bride Too Many Questions

Your bride will already be stressed up with her big day about whether it will be alright. If you ask her too many questions, she will be even more stressed up. Ask your questions to another bridal party member or the maid-of-honour.

5. Forgetting a Gift

Becoming a bridesmaid can be quite pricey. But don’t be stressed up with a thought that you have to splurge on an expensive wedding gift too. However, don’t show up at the wedding empty-handed. You can take a DIY gift or at least a card that will show your happiness to the bride.

6. Not Having Clothes to Change

No matter whether you love or hate your bridesmaid gown, make sure to have clothes to change before beginning of the wedding and for once it’s over. If you have dresses for special occasions that are comfortable, bring them with you so that you can spend some become relaxed during those moments.

7. Forgetting You are There to Support the Bride

No doubt, you will be walking down the aisle with the bride and will be with her everywhere; however you should remember that it’s not your wedding, but your friend’s. Sure, there will be some moments that will make you roll your eyes, but you have to keep in mind that you should support the bride.

Remembering these mistakes and avoiding them will make you a perfect bridesmaid that every bride will want.