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Haircare Products that work with Hair Extensions

Haircare products do not all work well with hair extensions. Many of our customers love that we carry a large line of hair care products that work great with their extensions. Starting out we had a mixture of different feedback from customers trying to make their weave last longer and look better. Working with our manufacturer we were able to refine our special blends to extend the life of your hair extension longer than ever!

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Hair care has much to do with the kind of shampoo you use. Any shampoo with sulfates in it is going to damage your hair. Sulfates remove the natural oil of your hair and there is no supply from your scalp into your extension. Your hair will quickly dry out unless you use only sulfate free shampoos.

How to Moisturize Your Extension Strands

Natural oils like argan or almond oil will help add much needed mosture to the strands of your Indian hair extensions. We’ve also developed a specially blended stregth and moisturizing conditioner for just this very reason. All our products are Paraben and Sulfate free. If you’re not familar with Paraben, it’s a popular compound used to prolong life in shampoos since it inhibits bacterial growth. However, the downside is that it has been known to cause breast cancer and can contribute to the loss of hair. We take hair care very seriously, after all, it’s what we do!

Other Steps to for Hair Care

1. Remove tangles by brushing every night before you go to bed.

Do not brush your hair right after you get out of the shower or when your hair is wet. Hair follicles are at their most vulnerable when they are moist or wet.
Make certain you are using an all natural Paraben and Sulfate free products for your hair when washing.
To make your hair extensions last longer, treat your moisturizing of your hair like you would a baby’s skin. Moisturize well and you’ll maximize the life of your hair.
After moisturizing try a cold rinse to lock in and close your cuticles with moisture and nutrients.
Let your hair air dry, avoid heating elements as they are damaging to hair.
Only wash with warm water.
Do not roughly wash your hair. Bunching up your hair or scrubbing it will only cause open cuticles to brush into each other causing more damage than you need to.
Rinse between each wash of your hair if you wash more than once and make certain you do not wash more than twice.
While wet, apply oils if needed to moisturize hair.
Natural choices are always the best when it comes to your hair.

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