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How To Choose A Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Partner?

So, you’ve planned to propose. Congrats! This is surely an exciting time of your life, isn’t it? But, when it comes down to shop for the engagement ring, it could start to feel a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be the dreaded experience. And with the proper amount of information, coupled with the excitement of marrying your dream girl, this exercise becomes more enjoyable.

If you’re not certain where to start from, take into consideration the following mentioned things when planning to buy an engagement ring for your beloved:

  1. Look for her present jewelry to decide the general preferences.

Choosing an engagement ring can be tricky – you want to bring in something that she loves, but doesn’t forget to keep it the surprise. The best possible way to figure this out is to watch the other jewelry and rings she wears. You don’t need to be a jewelry expert. Instead, look out for following trends:

  • Color: Try to know the color stones she gravitates towards. Does she keep things in silvers, golds, and whites, or does she like the colorful stones?
  • Style: Know which styles she prefers – the austere, understated and traditional ones or the colorful, vibrant ones.
  • Bands: Make sure you know the types of the band she likes. It can be the silver, platinum or gold band or she might be interested in the funkier materials and designs.
  • Size: How big all her jewelry stones are? Does she prefer flashy and big rings or smaller, inconspicuous jewels?
  1. Use friends, family, and hints to get the idea of perfect engagement rings.

Even if you took good notes of her present jewelry, most of the women seem to have particular thoughts on their ideal engagement rings.

  • Ask her friends and family for the ideas. Ask them if she ever talked about the kind of ring she wanted.
  • Determine her stance on the diamonds. Make sure you look for conflict-free diamond and recycled gold as a part of your selection process.
  1. Talk to her about the alternatives of diamonds.

Yes, we know most of the engagement rings consist of diamonds. But let me tell you, it’s not necessary to go with the diamonds when you have the alternatives:

  • Emeralds: This stone is bright green. Make certain she’s into this color before you buy one.
  • Sapphire: This stone is bright blue, which is the second most frequently used stone in the engagement rings.
  • Colored Diamonds: Yes, this is again a diamond, but black, rose-tinted and yellow which gives a ring the unique flair.

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Make sure you buy from the trusted and reputable jeweler and the ring is worth the money you’re going to spend.