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Kilts for men, everything you need to know

Contemporary Kilts are designed and fitted keeping in view of 21st-century chic, styles, and fashion. These highly recommended and chic kilts for men can make you characteristic from other in any particular ceremony, parties or events.

Design and interpretation

The Scottish kilt displays its uniqueness in their design and that thing differentiates these kilts from other garments. It is a fitted garment that is wrapped around the body from the natural waist starting from one side, around the front and back, and crosswise the front side again to the opposite side. The clasp consists of straps and fastens on both ends. The strap is on the inside of mens kilts and usually passing through a slit in the waistband to be fastened on the outside. Alternatively, it may remain inside the waistband and be clasped inside.

A kilt will cover the body from the waist to the midpoint of the knees. The overlapping layers of the kilt’s front side are called “aprons” and that is flat. The single layer of fabric around the sides and back is folded. A kilt pin is secured to the front apron on the free corner. Kilts for men are very useful, so that they don’t need to wear underwear, as the wearer always prefers. The tradition of the 21st century says that a “true Scotsman” usually goes commando in kilts.


The fabric of the kilt is just breathtaking and so comfortable in wearing the archetypal kilt, as seen in the modern Highland games activity, that is made up of twill woven and worsted wool. The twill used on kilts for men is in different types. Kilts for men are made with a very exclusive style and their fabric is tailored by the very different way each weft thread passes over two warp threads at a time. As a result, a fabric shows idiosyncratic slanting-weave pattern in the fabric which is called the twill line. This kind of twill looks more perfect than woven, which is according to a given set color pattern of the hilt, which is tartan. In contrast, kilts worn by Ireland pipers are made up of solid-colored cloth with dark or green being the most extensively used colors. 9 yards of cloth is enough for making kilts.

Styles of kilts

In these days, most Scottish people look at kilts as formal dress or national dress. People wear kilts at parties. Although there are still some people who wear kilts daily, it is generally confessed to being worn at formal occasions, weddings and may be worn by anyone with respect to their nationality. Some people usually wear kilts to look chic. Kilts for men are semi-formal wear. Kilts are usually worn with a jacket. Many suppliers made this type of jacket that can only be worn with kilts. Kilts are also used for parades in which Brigade and Scouts wear kilts.