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Know About the Two Major Kinds of T-Shirt Printing Method

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The t-shirt printing technology has gift extremely advanced over a short span of time. One might come across great varieties of t-shirts resembling varied printing styles though some of them are hard to differentiate. Visit for the latest information.

In printing t-shirts generally, various colors of custom inks are used. Coming to the use of inks, they can be used for printing through two different and basic methods or technologies, namely-

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing

The traditional way of screen printing which is also cheap in comparison is generally used for the majority of t-shirt printing while digital one is also gaining a lot of attention after its first initiation.

Screen Printing or Digital Printing?

  • Screen printing is done through different stencils also called screens which are used to apply various layers of ink on the fabric of t-shirt. Whereas, digital printing involves printing through computer processing. The designs are directly printed on the t-shirt through digital printers.
  • Screen printing is more preferable for adding volume this the design especially in case of dark colored t-shirts as the ink applied is thicker in its consistency. Whereas, the digital printing involves a thin layer of colors as such is favorable in case of light colored t-shirts.
  • But since in case of traditional screen printing, the designs are printed using hands the printing is inclined to more simple designs whereas digital printings are capable of producing even delicate details to the design.

Though these two types of printing procedures provide two different kinds of outcomes, they have their plus points based on the specific kind of need and situation. With the onset of technological equipment, digital printing is emerging as a great business, but it has in no way reduced the gaga over traditional screen printing. And at the end, both techniques even after being completely different are supposed to pass the same test and reviews with flying colors.