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Wondering what kind of shirt is best suited with jackets. Read our guide to find out

A jacket is more like a coat but shorter in length to that of coat. Jackets for men are an essential component of his wardrobe. There are jackets for every season and every occasion. A wide variety of jackets for men are available in the market and online on the websites such as,,, etc.

A common mistake that all the men tend to do is that they do not realize whether they are wearing the right shirt with the jacket. Sometimes they are not able to decide whether to wear a shirt or a t-shirt with the jackets for men. Other times they can make blunders in choosing the colours which will match perfectly with their jackets.

You dressing sense speaks a lot about your style and elegance. If you do not want to go wrong in this matching of the kind of shirt and jackets for men then you must read this blog to the end. We’ll tell you what kinds of shirts are best suited with jackets.

  • Bomber jacket

If you plan to wear a bomber jacket, you have two options with you. One relates to a formal occasion and other to the informal. For a formal occasion you can wear a light coloured plain shirt underneath the bomber jacket of black or brown colour. It is also advised to pair it with a dark coloured tie. Bomber jackets for men can also be worn on many informal occasions but this time you need to wear it over t-shirts which can be polo t-shirt or a V-neck tee. With rustic read or olive green melange bomber jackets for men you should wear contrasting dark colour t-shirts.

  • Track jacket

Generally round neck t-shirts go quite well with the track jackets for men. If you are planning to wear a shirt with the track jacket then you must ensure that you keep it simple because track jackets for men come in bright colours too. A white shirt with a grey tie will be the perfect combination with a front open zippered track jacket.

  • Denim jacket

Denim jackets for men are mostly buttoned in the front. They themselves look like a shirt. Therefore it is advised that you should not wear a shirt with them. Any casual t-shirt that does not looks like denim will go with the denim jackets for men.

  • Leather jacket

In winters leather jackets for men are the most sought after. They are worn to the workplace or to the casual outings equally. Depending on the type of occasion you can pair it with a shirt or a t-shirt.

  • Other casual jackets for men

If you are wearing other cool printed jackets like the military print one then you can pair it with a sturdy denim shirt to give a more rugged look. There are also other cotton jackets for men which can be worn on a regular basis along with a cool casual t-shirt.

Hope that after this blog you are equipped with the basic know-how of the types of shirts to be worn with different kinds of jackets for men.